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About Jack & Mark

Two Guys with a Love for Hockey and a Passion for Goaltending

Jack Hartigan - Co-Founder "Quik" Innovative Hockey / Anchorpegs

Here is a bit about myself and playing/ coaching credentials.

My name is Jack Hartigan and I have been playing goaltender for the past 17 years and started coaching 5 years ago.

I grew up in Bedford a suburb located near Halifax Nova Scotia. I got into coaching while I was playing minor pro Hockey in Europe with a local minor hockey program and have enjoyed it ever since.

I attended Savonia University Finland where I studied International Business. I am very passionate about goaltending and my goal is to bring the best training methods in goaltending possible to goaltenders in Nova Scotia.

Below is my coaching resume.

  • Head of Goaltending Development Bedford Minor Hockey Association (2011- to Present)
  • Valley JR "A" Wildcats MHL (Goaltender Coach 2013-Present)
  • Metro JR "A" Shipbuilders MHL (Goalie Coach 2012-2013)
  • Valley Major Midget "AAA" Wildcats (Goalie Coach 2013-Present)
  • Halifax Titans Major Midget "AAA" (Goalie Coach 2012-2013)
  • Bedford Bantam Major Barons (Goalie Coach 2011-Present)
  • Charles P. Allen High School Cheetahs (Goalie Coach 2011-2012)
  • Hockey Nova Scotia High Performance POE Program Goaltender Development (2011-Present)
  • Goaltender Development with Warkis Varkaus Minor Hockey Finland 2007-2010

Selected to Hockey Canadas National Coaches Mentorship Program 2012
Selected to GoaliePro's Finland Mentorship Program 2012 in Espoo, Finland
Selected to GoaliePro Finland Mentorship Program 2013 in Espoo, Finland
Selected to present and participate at the 2013 Swedish Ice Hockey Federations Goaltender Convention in conjunction with the World Junior Hockey Championship in Malmo Sweden.
Selected as coach at U17 Hockey Canada's POE Goaltender Camp 2014 (Male)

U16 Hockey Nova Scotia Goalie Coach 2012 (Male)
U15/U17 Hockey Nova Scotia Goalie Coach 2012 (Female)
U14/U15/U16 Nova Scotia 2013 Goalie Coach (Male)
U18 Team Atlantic Goalie Coach 2013 (Female)
Selected to coach at U17 Hockey Canada's POE Goaltender Camp 2014 (Male)

Mark Gibeault - Co-Founder "Quik" Innovative Hockey / Anchorpegs
- Founder/ Owner - Fogzero Manufacturing Co.
- Founder/Owner- FZ Hockey

Descriptive - Innovation is constantly exploiting new ideas, or new uses for old ideas, to add social or economic value.

Master Inventor/ Product Development/ Business Dev. - 1993 to Present
- Current Discipline - Ice Hockey Goaltending Equipment Innovation
- Innovative Entrepreneurship
- Innovative Management - Research , Development, Production
- Idea Generation , Idea Screening, Idea Development & Testing,
- Business Analysis
- Beta Testing and Market Testing
- Technical Implementation
- Commercialization, New Product Pricing.
- NDP ( New Product Development ) - Ideation , design,manufacturing & market    introduction
- Raw material sourcing and development.
- Prototyping - Virtual and Physical.
- International Trade
- Critical Thinking and Evaluating.
- Retail Sales and Marketing - Corporate & Independant Retailers
- Customer Relations Management- Development & Implementation

" Dream Big. Build Big."

Designer of the Quik Stik

Current Project- Progressive Concept Goalie Pads

Designer- Original Six Concept Boston T

Designer Quik Stik - Hot Rod Edition

Designer- Quik Stik Special Editions

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